About Me

I am a researcher working at the interface between quantum information, quantum foundations, and quantum computing.

I study subjects such as causality in quantum theory, indefinite causal order, and higher-order quantum theory. I focus on the design of conceptual and mathematical frameworks to describe, manipulate and understand these ideas. I try to figure out what they can teach us both from a foundational and an applied perspective.

I am currently an Inria postdoc in the Quacs group in Saclay, France.


I studied theoretical physics at École Polytechnique and École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, then did an MRes in quantum information at Imperial College London.

My thesis, awarded by Imperial College, was carried out at the Quantum Group of the University of Oxford, supervised by Jonathan Barrett and Giulio Chiribella. It focused on the development of routed quantum circuits, an extended formal framework to encompass quantum scenarios that do not fit within the standard framework for quantum theory, that of quantum circuits.


All of my publications are available on the arXiv.

  1. Consistent circuits for indefinite causal order.
         AV, N. Ormrod, H. Kristjánsson, and J.Barrett, arXiv - 2022.
  2. Causal structure in the presence of sectorial constraints, with application to the quantum switch.
         N. Ormrod, AV, and J.Barrett, arXiv - 2022.
  3. Composable constraints.
         M. Wilson and AV , arXiv - 2021.
  4. Universal control of quantum processes using sector-preserving channels.
         AV and G. Chiribella , Quantum Information and Computation 21 no. 15-16, 1320–1352 - 2021.
  5. Routed quantum circuits.
         AV, H. Kristjánsson, and J. Barrett, Quantum 5, 503 - 2020.
  6. How to switch between relational quantum clocks.
         P.A. Höhn and AV, New Journal of Physics 22, 123048 - 2018.
  7. Switching quantum reference frames in the N-body problem and the absence of global relational perspectives.
         AV, P. A. Höhn, and F. Giacomini, arXiv - 2018.
  8. A change of perspective: switching quantum reference frames via a perspective-neutral framework.
         AV, P. A. Höhn, F. Giacomini, and E. Castro-Ruiz, Quantum 4, 225 - 2018.


I am looking for student interns to carry out projects in quantum information. Please refer to these two internship proposals.

I am not taking applications anymore for internships in the 2022-23 academic year. You are welcome to contact me to enquire about internships starting in September 2023, and for general information.